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Karina (Kare) Eide

Kare was a passionate writer who wrote flash fiction, fan fiction, short stories, and novels. She has over 100,000 readers on

As a young child she loved super-heroes, but as a tween and teen, she loved epic fiction. She researched She aspired to be a professional writer and was recruited as a paid game scenario writer for the popular Facebook game My Ninja. Karina also found writing cathartic for her cancer journey. Karina's cancer stories are HERE.


 To listen to Karina talk about some of her story ideas or read her opening to Team Tsume, go HERE

Fan Fiction

Team Tsume is Karina's most popular Fan Fiction

I'll post the whole story eventually - but it's 47 chapters! Here's the first few chapters to get you started...

Karina's Cancer Stories         See All of Karina's Cancer Stories HERE.

Bullets? Not a problem. Mafia boss? Hardly worth her time. Cancer? A different story entirely. The expected 5-year survival rate for all patients in whom lung cancer is diagnosed is less than 15%. Natasha's story from diagnosis until the very end. Will she be the 15% or the 85%? How will her boyfriend, Clint, deal with the news?

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