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Sweet Karina


Karina had a big personality. She might be a bit in a new situation or when she didn't know anyone, but at home among family and friends, she was quick and witty, engaged and attentive, and full of natural mirth. 

When she was little wanted to make people laugh way before she understood how a joke really went. She was about 3 years old, she went through a string of one-liners like...


"Why did the chicken cross the road?"  (waaaiiit)....  To get the newspaper!"


Then she would rock back and forth and give a big belly laugh - Ha Ha Ha Ha  so anyone there couldn't resist laughing along with her. 


There was so much joy and lightness in Karina that it was so much fun spending time doing anything or nothing at all with her. We wanted to share some of her emails and texts because we think that you'll see what we mean. She would scold us for making her website too serious.


Email to Dad while riding down with Mom to get a clinical trials drug in OR


Hey Dad! We stopped off at the Salem McDonalds like you recommended for class. It was a great idea, thanks! We've had a lot of fun driving down. Sitting in a small compact metal box, staring at the road... and more road... and more... /snores/


We saw a lot of policemen on the way down. I think I counted 9. Have you done anything with the car that I should be aware of? /shifty eyes/

It's not nearly as fun without you around. You were quite dramatic as we left though. I hope you didn't get drunk off your sparkling water. That would just kill me. On the other hand, I'm sure Boris (our fish) would make a great drinking partner. He always seems waterlogged though because when you push him, I can hear him swish. You probably shouldn't let him drink too much.






I wasn't going to tell you, but Boris has already run off. With Teka. And Krister. I'm the only one who's left. I wouldn't have found out but I heard Boris swishing and Teka left a crumb trail. Krister was pretty sneaky, though, and is clearly the leader of the gang.

RE the police, you should be okay, but don't let them look under the floorboards.

Let mom know that if she gets tired you can drive. After all, you only live once.

Talk to you soon!



Were you able to run after them? Krister is a tricky one, but you may be able to catch up to Boris. Watch out if he tries to spray you with water though. If he gets rid of all the water, he may try to float away to the center of the pond. No one would be able to get him then. Teka might get bored of sitting on him though, and that would be when you nab her. Not sure about Krister though... Call SWAT. He looks to be a dangerous leader of a mysterious gang. You can never be too prepared.


Good news. None of them looked under the floorboards. Heavens, what would I have done if they found my stash of 3 year old hair ties? What a calamity that would be. I get the chills just thinking about it. We will have to be extra careful on the journey back. NO ONE can find those hair ties.

YOLO. I drove for fifty minutes. 120 mph is legal, right? If it wasn't, no one caught me. Everyone else was going that speed too. I think I saw a pink bunny with a drum on one of the cars though. Not sure what that was about.



The following was from a long back and forth email exchange with emoticons when there was bad weather and our flights were delayed getting home to be with the kids. 


























"In a short journey through the world, I hope to leave behind little happy tokens for people to remember me by!"


Love you sweetheart!





To me - Mom


Nothing atrocious happened tonight, but since you said you were getting used to these emails, I thought I had better send one. After all, I wouldn't want to think that my lack of communication meant I had passed out after desperately grasping for a phone. Luckily, I am writing this to sate your fears! ;) 


The most exciting thing right now is that Teka has been licking her nose for the past ten mintues. I find it unnerving, but I love her anyways. 


See you in the morning, 




From Debate - to Mom     Subject: OH COME ON!


My best round was when you werent here! ;-; I did really well against the Philippines! I really am getting better at this, but I'm trying to improve my posture and my swaying. :3 How are you all?


[You're my hero girl. Maybe we make you nervous?????? Dad says he has chicken pox, I have measles, and Krister has mumps. Teka's singing.]


Second one was awful. I take it back! XD I was all: ahdilsbusk? 8'D Vote for me? Twas funny.


Well you dont have malaria so I'm good. Teka is singing? Can we auction her to American Idol?


[As long as you're still smiling, I'm happy. It might be that she'd be such a heart-throb it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants. I'm not sure she wouldn't get conceited either...p.s. If you get tired, let us know and we'll pick you up. You don't have to do the sleepover you know. No one ever gets much sleep at those things.]


But she deserves the admiration! D: We can't deprive her from her crowd!


I don't really want to go, but I want to be a good social person. W_W Theory being that if I subjugate myself to this more often, I may become slightly extroverted. ;-; 


/hobbles around

Too much standing... xD


On a trip where both of us were away, Karina missed us and sent the following text:


@Dad: You're the best Dad in the entire world. It sounds like we'll have similar mornings except I'll be waking up saying, "I'll see Mom and Dad tomorrow!" <3


I love you with my whole heart, all ten toes, all ten fingers, my two wrists, two ankles, two arms, two legs, and... all the other various body parts. I clearly need to study my anatomy again. We'll work on this. 


Love you so much. -hugs- And thanks a lot for the call. It really did make me feel a lot better. You guys are the best parents a girl could ever even hope for.

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