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LYAC and Model UN



Karina was honored to serve her state in LYAC or Legislative Youth Advisory Council. In this group, she had a chance to meet with fellow council members from all over the state, as well as non-profit leaders, educators and educational leaders, and state legislators. The goal was to represent issue important to young people. 

Karina was also elected head of Communications and was honored to work on their website. She also loved the idea of creating and passing a Know Before You Go Law - a law that required high school students who were thinking of dropping out to be informed about the fact that they can return to school if they change there minds, and that there are alternatives for kids who want to work and still get their degree. Karina also liked the idea of students being informed what the lifetime consequences could be on their salaries.


Karina also loved doing Model UN with her friends Christina, Alissa, Leah, Liam, Hannah, and Jack. She was excited to be in Security Council at WASMUN her first time out and she named their little group Legati Mundi. 

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