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Chaos sure isn’t fun isn’t it? :D Just kidding, it really really isn’t. Anyways, I need a few opinions from y’all. Like how realistic should I make this? I’ve kept it straight down the line, but when it comes to the surgeries, how much do you wanna hear? Do you want the days to pass realistically slow after surgery? It would be like how it is in real life, but to be honest it really sucks coming out of surgery. |D It would probably be filled with little angst moments.

I’d also like your opinion on my pacing in the story. I’m planning on a wee bit of a time skip after I end part one. I’m doing all the days right now, but after five chapters I’ve gone through… Three days? Should I make the days go by faster and more events occur? Help is much appreciated. xD Thanks all~

Disclaimer: Of course I don’t own Prince of Tennis. O_o Why would I be writing this if I did own it? I’d be off in my little hole drawing the next manga strip!


Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation  Chapter 6   By Karina Eide


Turns Disaster


After all this has passed, I still will remain
After I’ve cried my last, there’ll be beauty from pain
Though it won’t be today, someday I’ll hope again
And there’ll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain

-Beauty from Pain by Superchick


“He’s transferring to Osaka University Medical Hospital? Why?” The snap of a popped bubblegum bubble cracked through the silence in the clubhouse. The Rikkaidai regulars eagerly waited for their data specialist to retell the news he was currently receiving. “Then why haven’t they tried it before?” He paused for a moment and waited for the woman to respond.


Yanagi was always confident in his data. The only thing that ever truly scared him was when something was unknown. No one knew what the results would be and normally the odds were not highly leaning towards success. If it hasn’t been tried before, chances are it will be risky. The third demon didn’t like the risk factor, especially when it was their buchou’s life at risk. The chance of failure just seemed too high and it scared him.


When Yukimura’s mother told him that Seiichi would be put through an experimental brain surgery, he was stunned. If the word ‘experimental’ hadn’t set off alarms, they all went off on high alert when he found it was a neurosurgery. Yanagi had taken it upon himself to read up on all possible treatments for Guillian Barre and neurosurgery was definitely not on the list of common treatments. Doubt was clouding his mind and he knew it.


That was when he heard the words, “They were going to let him die. I’d rather he have a chance with the surgery than to let him go like this.” That was a total game changer. Yanagi chewed a pencil lightly as he thought. He ignored the worried looks his friends gave him; they knew him well enough to see that he was stressed. A stressed Yanagi meant one out of two things. One, Yukimura was about to die. Or secondly, that Yukimura had already died.


It scared them, seeing the data player fumbling over what to do. It was something that never happened. It was one of the reasons why Yanagi was the only regular who had never had a surprise party thrown for him.


“Thanks for letting us know, Yukimura-san. Can you send us the address when he has moved in? Thank you. Goodbye.” Yanagi snapped the phone shut and looked at the eyes focused upon him. He let out a tired sigh before taking a seat on one of the boxes scattered around the room. Yanagi felt sad looking at his comrades. It was something about the eyes. Their eyes were too old for only being teenagers. Their eyes were the eyes of those that had seen the world and wished it to the depths of hell.


“Yukimura-buchou is being transferred to the Osaka Medical Hospital in a few days. They have him prepared for a surgery in the next few weeks. The date is tentative currently, but they expect to have it soon.” He paused for a moment to let them process the information.

“You mentioned about something being untried. Elaborate.” Yanagi kept up the mask, but he internally cringed. Sanada had caught that had he? Fukubuchou had always been a bit too keen for his own good. It couldn’t have hurt him to ask questions after Kirihara had left now could it?


“Yukimura-buchou is being transferred to have an experimental neurosurgery. In theory it should work, but no guarantees have been made.” Silence echoed in the room. Not even Kirihara made a noise. The gravity of the situation sank in for most of them and they could see the words that had been left unsaid. If it came down to an experiment… Yukimura really was dying.


“Buchou…” Kirihara buried his face in his palms. He had really tried to play ignorant for all this time. It had been easier to imagine all of this had never happened. The fact was so clear that their buchou was dying. It hurt, it hurt because there was nothing he could do to help. Yukimura had spent all of his time helping all of the regulars in hundreds of ways, but when it came right down to it there was nothing they could to in return.


Why. Why was there nothing they could do? He clenched his eyes shut to stop the tears. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder and let out a shuddering breath. He looked up to see the worried face of Jackal. It was stupid. It was plain to see the Brazilian was holding himself together by a thread. Some blasted notion about staying strong for others. It was then Kirihara broke. He cried. He cried for Yukimura and he cried for all of them, sorry lot that they were.


-I can stop the pain if I will it all away-


She did feel better after meeting Eiji. It was one burden that had been lifted off her shoulders. One of many, but at least she felt as if she was one step closer. She exited the class as the bell rung and snaked her way through the halls and down to the courts. She sighed as she realized she had left her clothes in her tennis locker. She made her way over to the clubhouse and peered in through the small window.

Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she looked at the male tennis regulars. They looked so defeated. It was an expression Sakuno never thought she would see on their faces. She didn’t want to see it. When Seigaku had beaten Rikkaidai at Nationals, Rikkaidai barreled on through and continued to practice and improve. She had thought nothing could really take down their fierce determination. But to see them all gloomily huddled in the clubhouse, it was awful.


She contemplated her options. She could go in and snag her uniform, but it would obviously interrupt the moment. They did appear like they could use the distraction, but it would be so strange… It was obviously a solemn moment and Sakuno didn’t want to pry. She would be a hypocrite if she did. Maybe if she dashed madly in and out without leaving time to talk it would be ok. She nodded to herself and put her hand on the door.


She threw open the door and flew inside, grabbed her clothing and was out like a shot. She ignored the blank looks shot at her as she fled to the girls changing rooms. Once she arrived, she promptly collapsed in an empty stall and gasped for air. Her lungs were definitely not what they used to be.


-Don’t turn away. Don’t try to hide-


“What have you done?” She was seething. It took all the dignity she had to not slug the man in the face. Momo was not a happy lady. She reached out and threw the metal canister of pens across the room and into the wall. She slammed her fist down on the table and hissed, “Is my son some kind of toy to you, Akihiro-san? You shouldn’t be in this profession if you can’t keep close enough reign on your attendings. I’m glad to get out of this rat hole and to get my son into safe hands.”


Akihiro looked at the fallen pencils with morbid fixation. He was loathe to be in this situation and cursed the incompetent that allowed her to realize the mistake. “I assure you, ma’am. I do take my position seriously, but mistakes do happen. If you cannot control yourself then I must please ask you to leave the premises before you cause any more damage.” He fixed her with a piercing glare and he stood up from his desk.


He soon found himself sitting once more as a hand shoved him back into his chair. “Sit down.” Akihiro felt his blood run cold at the tone she was using. He let a hand reach under his desk and hover over the button implanted into the wood. He didn’t want to push it unless absolutely necessary. In all of his career they had told him that there were chances of being assaulted, but never did they warn him about angry mothers. They were in an entirely different class than the average unruly boy.


“Do you even have a word in your defense or do you only have excuses? Mistakes don’t just happen in this business, Akihiro-san. You of all people should realize that a mistake here can cause death! Remind me just why I’m not filing papers to sue you at this moment.” Momo couldn’t even begin to describe how she felt at that moment. It felt disgusting to be even in the same room at him. She couldn’t remember ever respecting him and was disappointed in herself for ever trusting such a weak person.


“I must repeat that I was not the one to issue the orders. If you have a complaint then I refer you to the attending that issued the orders for him that week. A commander cannot be responsible for all the actions of his soldiers.” Akihiro fired imaginary daggers at the irrational blue haired woman before him. This was a foolish argument and he was only this accepting because he knew what stress could do to a person. However, this was completely out of line and it would soon hinder his schedule.


“Don’t think me blind, Akihiro-san. That attending was still green and you and I both know that his residency shouldn’t have been up for another year. A true example of a corrupt system.” She growled angrily at the man before her. “I want Seiichi out of this hospital by the end of the week. I don’t care what strings you have to pull, but he’s not going to stay here a moment longer than needed.” She turned away and opened the door.


She paused in the doorway and whispered over her shoulder, “I’ll be sure to put in a bad word for you to all future clientele.” She vanished through the doorway to leave an exasperated doctor behind.


Thanks for reading once again!
Special thanks to for adding me to alerts. :D I’m awful at writing summaries. xD I wonder if I should change it to make it relate slightly more to the story? I don’t know how to write it though. Gahh. D: I don’t do at all well with word limits. And thanks a lot for the compliment. 8D And I might as well make it official because it seems that everyone supports NiouxSakuno. They have a better history so far anyways. *-*

Zemmno: It’s really surprising how often medication doses get messed up. O_o My parents are doctors so luckily they caught my doctor’s mess up or I would have gone double dose on an experimental drug. It’s really irritating and scary when it happens. ;3; But Sakuno appreciates the well wishes. ;D

The song was Whisper by Evanescence. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! Reviews make me work faster and I would have finished and uploaded before dinner, but I had to host a short conference. /panic
What I’m really saying is that I get lonely so review? /cheesy grin



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